devicequery doesn't work , devicequerydrv does

Hello, i have just installed cuda.This is my first try!
I wanted to ask:

When i do ‘devicequery’ it says ‘the command not found’
When i do ‘./devicequery ’ -> ’ error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory’

The same results for ‘./bandwidthTest’

I have changed to gcc4.4.Also, i edited the ‘’ file with adding these two lines ‘LINKFLAGS += -L/usr/lib/nvidia-current’
and ‘LIB+= -L/usr/lib/nvidia-current -lcuda’ under ‘#static linking, we will statically link against CUDA and CUDART’
(I also try removing the second add ,but still the same)

Maybe i should try and uninstall everything and install it again?Because some things i did after installing.And how can i uninstall everything?

Thank you!

The problem solved by installing the newest driver version ,285.05.09 !