Devmem2 read usb_vbus_en1_pl5 register address

I want to read the usb_vbus_en register address.
Modify the register address to control the power-on and power-off of the USB interface.
I tested it in DevKit. I can control it. when 0x0243d0d8=0x0,usb power off.
but I can’t control on custom board , Our custom board has two 3.0 interfaces .
These two interfaces are controlled by 0x0243D0D8,0x0243D0D0.
I read 0x0243D0D8 =0x21,0x0243D0D0 =0x61 via devmem2.
but 0x0243D0D8 =0x21,0x0243D0d0 =0x21 in tegra186-mb1-pinmux-quill-p3310-1001-c03.cfg

Please try to disable/enable regulator. May refer to
USB Load Switches - #23 by DaneLLL

Not sure if it works by writing registers. Generally we enable/disable regulator. Please give it a try.

Thank you very much,The test was successful.
I don’t understand why using devmem to read usb_vbus register address is not the same as cfg file.

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