DGX A100 NVME PCIe SSD sled/tray/module part#?

I want to add 4 more SSDs to each of our DGX A100’s. I didn’t read the white paper closely enough. The empty slots for SSD’s have unusable blanks instead of real actual trays/sleds modules. I don’t know what the part number is or even it’s official name. Does anyone know what that is and where/how to order some? I am aware I need U.2 PCIe NVME SSD’s.

Hi @gtom.brown ,

You will need to order 4x of NVIDIA part number 965-23687-0003-000 (those are the 3.84TB U.2 drives, and come with sleds). Installation is relatively straightforward, following the steps in the DGX A100 Service Manual .

You should be able to order those drives through any NVIDIA DGX partner, the list is at Buy DGX Systems Through NVIDIA Partner Network | NVIDIA .

Does that help?


Is it possible to purchase empty trays and populate them with larger drives (16TB? 24TB? 30TB?)

It is not.

We offer 7.68TB drives (see the DGX A100 Service Manual for how to install them). You can purchase 8x of those from the NVIDIA partner of your choice and replace your current drives to get more capacity.

Are you really needing more on-system storage, rather than adding a storage appliance?