DGX A100 NVME PCIe SSD sled/tray/module part#?

I want to add 4 more SSDs to each of our DGX A100’s. I didn’t read the white paper closely enough. The empty slots for SSD’s have unusable blanks instead of real actual trays/sleds modules. I don’t know what the part number is or even it’s official name. Does anyone know what that is and where/how to order some? I am aware I need U.2 PCIe NVME SSD’s.

Hi @gtom.brown ,

You will need to order 4x of NVIDIA part number 965-23687-0003-000 (those are the 3.84TB U.2 drives, and come with sleds). Installation is relatively straightforward, following the steps in the DGX A100 Service Manual .

You should be able to order those drives through any NVIDIA DGX partner, the list is at Buy DGX Systems Through NVIDIA Partner Network | NVIDIA .

Does that help?