DRIVE AGX Storage Unit Recommendation

Hello everyone,

I am looking for any recommendation for storage unit such as SSD etc… to collect data. Any brand or type would be acceptable. I think PCIe ports enough for this. There are 4 PCIe ports on board. Is it possible to use four different SSD on it at the same time? We need high data transfer speed. The data will be collected from several different sensors. Or any Recommendation except those would be perfect!

Dear makman4,

DriveAGX has 4x eSATA connectors, so there are 2 options to connect to SSD’s:

Option 1: easiest option is to use 4x eSATA-> SATA adaptor cable which is USB powered.
Option 2: more expensive solution & might need some work to power as it needs AC power -

We should recommend SSD’s which support write speeds >400 MB/s. Options like Samsung SSD 850/860 EVO.

Regarding file system(format), could you please review “Achieving the Maximum USB Throughput” part in DriveWorks doc for this topic?
/usr/local/driveworks-2.0/doc/nvsdk_html/dwx_recording_devguide_high_throughput_recording.html on the DriveAGX

Thanks for reply but the problem is that we collect enormous data in short time. Probably we gonna need 40TB storage. So around 10TB for each port. I know that there is no Samsung ~10 TB ssd. Do you know any brand?

Thanks a lot

Dear makman4,

I have not seen 10TB SSD yet.
How about using NAS? Some customers use NAS as a storage device. Thanks.

Hi again,

Previously you recommended Addonics 1u Rack: But we have problem with Addonics so we cannot buy them. Do you have any suggestions or alternative for this?
Also, the other thing you said NAS storage. Can we use recording tools with NAS storage. Is it posible? If yes, are there any example code? Can we use recording tools with NAS storage through ethernet

Dear makman4,

Regarding NAS, could you please refer to Ethernet Network Topology in AV Configuration when connecting the NAS physically?
And please Driveworks recording tool for recording and specify path of NAS storage in json file. Thanks.

Hi again,
Do you have any experience about PCIe ports? Could you refer any source?

Dear makman4,

Do you have a device with PCIe port?
If so, are you having problems connecting to the PCIe port?
Could you refer to the following link? Thanks.