Two Q --- about eSATA and PCIe ports / Electrical specs Docs

Hello everyone,

1- Is it possible to use all eSata and PCIe ports together? I mean, 8 SSDs gonna be attached to 4 eSata and 4 PCIe ports at the same time. It may not necessary to write all of them at the same time. Maybe we use seqeuntially them.

2- I need specification for AGX platform and its components(Power supply etc…). Power consumption, operating voltage, currents… I cannot see anything on Documents except about Ethernet dual dongle one.

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Dear makman4,

Could you please help to the following? Thanks.

  1. The configuration is for data gathering with DriveWorks recording tool?
  2. Did you check Chapter “5. ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION” in DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Mechanical & Installation Guide (PDF)

Yes it is. We gonna gather data with DriveWorks recording tool.
We will collect data continuously for approximately 10 hours. Such a need arose due to the large number of sensors