Mini SAS Ports for Data Recording

Is it possible to connect an Ultra-High Capacity SAS SSD with a SAS <-> MiniSAS converter to MiniSAS ports of the Drive AGX Xavier Developer Kit and use it as a mounted disk drive?

The SAS SSD we were considering is Samsung MZILT7T6HMLA.


Dear faith.cirit,
Few things to clarify when you use recorder tool to record data.
This tool can discover SSD/eSATA disks that are mounted on the target and meet the following criteria:

  1. ext4 filesystem format
  2. 5GB free space available

  3. visible in /proc/mounts
    This tool automatically selects the first available disk for recording. Once a disk becomes full (free space < 5GB), output files will be put into the next available disk automatically

Dear faith.cirit,

The miniSAS port is for extending the PCIe interface for development purpose.
There are some SCSI-SAS drivers supported in the current kernel config but we can’t find anything specific about this drive Linux driver build requirements, so you will have to try. Also the PEX config we use (usecase4.0) by default has the PCIe port connected to Xavier A, so will only work there. Thanks.

Additional attention must be paid that, the pinout sequence complies with the latest PCIe SPEC, which means lane0 and lane1 are swapped from SAS SFF-8449 mapping.