PCIe ports


What is the best way to get max. effiency(high speed) from PCIe ports for SSD.

Intel SSD P426’s form factor is U.2, its interface is PCIe NVMe 3.1 x4 and its has quite large write speed. In my opinion, U.2 to MINI SAS HD cable will work. Or is it possible to use U.2 form factor SSD with eSATA port?

U.2 to Mini SAS HD cable: https://www.amazon.com/Funtin-SFF-8639-Mini-SAS-SFF-8643-Cable/dp/B01COOQ3MS

INTEL SSD P4326: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/186674/intel-ssd-d5-p4326-series-15-36tb-2-5in-pcie-3-1-x4-3d2-qlc.html

Thanks a lot

Dear makman4,

Could you please refer to “High Throughput Recording” part in DriveWork doc first?
And only requirement that it is:

  1. An ext4 formatted drive that shows up in /proc/mounts.
  2. Begins w/ “/dev/sdX”
    If that is achieved over PCIe, it should be fine.

Hi makman4,

Have you made the U.2 drive work?

I plugged it, and can’t find the drive.

Need any extra config?