cable decision

which cable is okay for PCIe ports 1 or 2?
With this cable, I can plug 4 ssd to 1 PCIe port. Am I right?



Dear makman4,

Could you please refer to below section in DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Mechanical & Installation Guide (PDF) for this topic? Thanks.

3.3.4 PCIe (Mini-SAS) Connector
The Mini-SAS connector on the rear side includes 4 ports. These ports are connected to
the PCIe switch via PCIe repeaters. Each port has 4 PCIe lanes, which follow the pinout
defined in the PCI Express External Cabling Specification published by PCISIG. With MiniSAS cables (SFF-8644 cable assembly), this connector provides external PCIe access for
the Xavier SoCs and the SoC on CVM