Where is M.2 connector?

Where is M.2 connector? I want to connect SSD(e.g. “Samsung SSD 2TB 960PRO M.2 Type2280 PCIe3.0×4” works with Jetson Xavier).

I refered below

  • Figure 1-1. NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Developer System High Level Block Diagram M.2 Conn
  • Table 1-2. Product Features per Configuration M.2 code 2280 1x4

Dear yohta.origuchi,

Could you please refer to PCIe External Cabling Spec for the Mini-SAS (SFF-8644) pinout for your topic? Thanks.

Thanks for your reply.

Is there no M.2 connector directly mounted on the board?
(DRIVE_AGX_DevKit_Product_Brief_v2.pdf Figure1-1,1-2)

Dear yohta.origuchi,

Yes, you’re right. Thanks.

Dear SteveNV,

I’ll try via PCIe connectors. Thanks.