Jetson agx xavier 8gb

in one of my product i am using jetson agx xavier 8GB module. i am facing issue with M.2 detection . m.2 is nvme ssd 240gb .any one guide how to troubleshoot issue

You would need to post the full serial console boot log. In addition, once Linux is reached, you’d want to provide the verbose lspci:
sudo lspci -vvv 2>&1 | tee log_lspci.txt
(then post “log_lspci.txt” plus the boot log)

If you have “quiet” in “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf”, then be sure to remove that key word prior to rebooting and getting a clean log from power off.

Also, mention what release you use. For example, the output from “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”.

reference clock not generated from my carrier board for m.2 . I am using pcie C5 x8 controllee of 8 gb module

log_lspci.txt (39.6 KB)

please kindly giude for m.2 ssd detection

There is a lot showing up on PCI, including a SATA controller. What do you have connected over PCI other than the m.2? Is the m.2 on a carrier for SATA which then plugs into the m.2 slot, or is it just purely an m.2 storage device?

Dear sir we have interface of sata controller slot for msata ssd and 2 mpcie and nvme m.2

If possible, remove all PCI devices except for the one you are using. Also, list PCI devices (when all connected) which are working as expected. Additionally, what do you see for the verbose tree view?
sudo lspci -t -v

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