TX2 NX pcie M.2 storage disk

When I use tx2 nx pcie M.2 storage disk, it sometimes can’t find M.2 storage disk when power on start. What does it have to do with?
log_tx2_nx.txt (58.5 KB)
log_lspci.txt (13.1 KB)
tegra186-p3636-0001-common.dtsi (5.8 KB)

There is a SATA controller, is this related to your issue? Are you talking about sata drive or nvme?


Could you remove that SATA controller and see if you nvme could be stable?

When we replace TX2 NX to Xavier NX board,nvme storage disk is tested very stable. Do we need remove that SATA controller to test?

Yes, remove that SATA controller to test first.

OK,we will remove that SATA controller to test.

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