Is eSATA supported ? i.e. connecting SSD over eSATA


I can connect external SATA SSD via USB-SATA adapter. USB drive is visible in Ubuntu and can be mounted.

However, when I connect that SSD through eSATA adapter, it is not detected by Ubuntu.
eSATA adapter has external power supply which is connected. Adapter is powered and it works fine with PC.

I connected it to eSATA 0 port on Drive Xavier and rebooted.
The disk is not detected in Ubuntu. No disk icon appears, nothing new in /dev. Ubuntu is not offering to mount the disk.
“lsblk” command does not show any new devices.

Is it expected behavior ?
What is the right way to enable/mount a SATA SSD connected to eSATA port on Drive AGX?



Dear mikhailqydth,

Could you please refer to High “Throughput Recording” part DriveWorks doc for your topic?
You can get some hint how to handle external storage for driveworks.

NVIDIA has tested extensively with Samsung 850 EVO and Samsung 750 EVO SSDs, where the SSDs are formatted with the EXT4 file system.