Max. size of external storage for NVIDIA Drive AGX


What is the maximum size of external storage that we can connect to the NVIDIA Drive AGX Xavier Developer Kit? Thank you

Hi mert.colak,

On the carrier board, you can use PCIe connectors to connect with the external storage, generally no set the limitation if it’s under the spec. What’s the size of SSD disk you want to connect?


Hello kayccc,

Do you mean Mini-SAS HD connectors to connect external storage? We want to connect 3 different 7.68 TB SSD disks to e-SATA ports.

Dear mert.colak,

DriveAGX supports max 4TB drivers. Thanks.


max 4TB drivers only for eSATA port? We want to collect 30TB+ per day with our Pegasus. Any recommendations/working setups for mass storage over pcie or eSATA?



We were thinking to connect 20TB+ of storage size. It will be very helpful to us if you can share your experiences with mass storage.

Thank you.