Difference between .trt, .etlt, .trt.int8 and etlt_b1_gpu0_int8.engine files in TLT

difference between .trt, .etlt, .trt.int8 and etlt_b1_gpu0_int8.engine files in TLT. Is configuring each file in Deepstream different from each other.

In deep stream config file, there are three different path parameters

  1. tlt-model-key
  2. GPU engine file
  3. DLA engine file

What is the purpose of each one.

  1. The .trt file is trt engine normally. But this ext is named by end user. You can save a trt engine to any name you like. But usually we set to .trt or .engine
  2. The .etlt file is an encrypted TLT file. During model export TLT model is encrypted with a private key. See https://pgambrill.gitlab-master-pages.nvidia.com/tlt-docs/text/exporting_model.html?highlight=etlt#
  3. The .trt.int8 file is normally an int8 trt engine.
  4. The etlt_b1_gpu0_int8.engine is generated by deepstream app. During its inference, it will save a trt engine.

For tlt-model-key, please see https://pgambrill.gitlab-master-pages.nvidia.com/tlt-docs/text/deploying_to_deepstream.html#integrating-a-detectnet-v2-model

More, can you give more details about “GPU engine file” and " DLA engine file"? Seems that there are not these parameters in DS.