How to convert a pytorch model (.pt file) to a .etlt model?


Is it possible to convert a PyTorch model like to a .tlt model or a .etlt model?
I know can convert to a .engine model, or is it possible to convert a .engine model to a .etlt model?

No. tlt/etlt model is an specially encrypted TAO model, the encryption method is not public.
Why do you want to transfer it to tlt/etlt?

Thank you for your reply!
I trained a .pt model using YOLOv5, but someone asked me to convert the .pt model to .etlt model. I don’t know if I can convert it because I haven’t used NVIDIA TAO.
Now YOLOv5 supports converting .pt model to .engine model, what is the difference between .engine model and .etlt model on DeepStream SDK?

so, you can’t.

As I mentioned previously, etlt is actually TAO encrypted model (onnx) file, which can be built into TRT engine through tao-converter or deepstream since they have embedded decrypt solution

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