Differences between TX2 SOM HW Revisions

we built a custom carrier board for the TX2 SOM module with two IMX290 camera sensors connected to the TX2 using the CSI/MIPI bus. Currently we are using the R28.2.1 Jetpack version.

Everything works fine when we use a TX2 SOM having part number 699-83310-1000-D00 [P/N 135-0807-001 R2 on the black backward label].

Unfortunately when we use instead a TX2 SOM having part number 699-83310-1000-B02 [P/N 135-0807-000 R2 on the black backward label], the following problems occurs:

  • the camera streaming using Argus Camera demo application does not work (the application freezes and multiple ISP errors are reported on the dmesg), but the V4L2 driver is working properly.

  • the Ubuntu graphical interface does not start (it freezes showing a black screen with the mouse pointer). Anyway, if we add the option TegraReserveDisplayBandwidth" "false" on the Option section of /etc/X11/Xorg.conf, the graphics environment seems to start properly.

Are there known hardware differences between the two hw explaining the observed behaviours?

Are there additional test that we can do in order to make both hw revisions properly working?


hello luiss,

please refer to download center for the PCN, Product Change Notice. thanks

Many thanks,
I read the two PCNs, but the PCN 206440 says:
Any Jetson TX2 module with 699 level part number version greater than or equal to D02 may be affected by this PCN. […]

I was referencing to B02 and D00 revisions instead, which seems to be both earlier than D02 and so should not be affected by these changes, if I correctly understood the Nvidia version numbering,.


  • I cannot even explain why the B02 (that should be earlier than D00) does not work

  • the other PCN (PCN204840) seems to be already fixed in R28.2.2 Jetpack.

Am I missing something?

hello luiss,

please check and compare the dtsi files used by these two TX2.
for example, $ dmesg | grep DTS