Direct State Access ?

I can’t seem to use any DSA calls such as glMakeTextureHandleNonResidentARB, etc because it crashes NSight on frame capture. The result is that I will have to rewrite a whole lot of code. Is this really the only way?

Hi lgnition,

The OpenGL extension ARB_bindless_texture is supported.
please provide more information for investigating the problem:

  • Nsight version
  • GPU, OS, driver info
  • Can we have your sample to do some local repro, then we can identify the crash quickly?


NSight , Windows 10, GTX 950. driver 378.49.

I get problems in the GL_render.cpp file in my post processing loop.

I have a lot of problems with gaussian blur recursive passes that use DSA causing API crash. Also now the GUI for NSight fails to come up for some reason.

A simplified binary is given, please tell me if it doesn’t run.

Hi Ignition,

ARB_bindless_texture is partial support by Nsight, and I can reproduce your crash: it just crash at once after I try to enter pause&capture mode.

We will try to do some investigation and let you know the result.


Hi Ignition,

The issue will be fixed in the recent builds of nsight.
BTW, the app has several errors that are caught by a debug context, you should turn on the debug context and investigate this.


Hi Ignition,

the support of glGetTextureHandleNV is on the decision for future release.
Additionally, the app has OpenGL errors before capture.


Thanks for the update.