Disable specific packages with SDK Manager v0.9

When flashing the Tx2 with SDK Manager there is only an option to disable the Jetson SDK components as a group, but not to install only subsets of that group.

For example, Jetson SDK components include:

  • CUDA
    • CUDA Toolkit for L4T
  • AI
    • cuDNN on Target
    • TensorRT on Target
  • Computer Vision
    • OpenCV on Target
    • VisionWorks on Target
  • Multimedia
    • Multimedia API

If I would like to skip installing TensorRT and any reverse dependencies (any components that depend on it) how do I do that?

Is there a more granular version of the tool (perhaps the underlying JetPack 4 tool) that can allow me to do this?

I think SDK Manager removed the ability to pick specific “extras”. However, once those packages are in place, then apt could remove them.

Excellent solution. Thank you!