CUDA install on Jetson

I installed only OS from jetpack4.3 with sdkManager on the jetson TX2(4GB) module.

Later, when I try to install CUDA, OpenCV and TensorRT are also installed.
How do I install only CUDA on a jetson TX2(4GB) module?

If you install via SDK Manager, then you can simply uncheck the parts you do not want. Some parts might depend on another part, but CUDA should be something you can install all by itself (e.g., something like TensorRT would require CUDA, but CUDA would not require TensorRT). Some of the options in SDKM are not obvious as being options, and it may appear that a selectable value is “set in stone”, but it isn’t…simply see if you can uncheck it.

Btw, if you flashed from JetPack4.3, then make sure any package you install is from the same JetPack4.3.


I checked the SDK Manager and I couldn’t find the uncheck box for the packages inside Jetson SDK Components. shall i just install them all? Including the components that i don’t need. Please refer to the attached photo.
Thank you.

Some components may have a dependency on other components. So if you select one, then sometimes others must be selected. However, note the “checkbox” in your image under “Jetson OS” (you can deselect this to avoid flashing the Jetson). I have not used SDKM in quite some time, but in theory you should be able to click the mouse somewhere (sorry for the extreme technical term! :P ) and deselect “AI”, deselect “Computer Vision”, and so on. CUDA is something which you should be able to select by itself. Selecting one of those others would force CUDA to also be selected, but for now, select only CUDA.

If there is no ability to deselect the non-CUDA SDK components and select only CUDA, then I am remembering something incorrectly. This should be possible, but I could be wrong.