Displacement and Simulation Caching

Hi friends,

First of all, I want to say that I love what you all at NVIDIA are doing with the Omniverse and it gives me hope that I will some day seamlessly be able to use multiple 3D apps to create better projects than ever before. I constantly struggle with getting assets to work between apps.

I was hoping to complete a first project on Omniverse Create, but I ran into some issues:

  • Displacement does not seem to work in Omniverse yet, and that is a HUGE problem for me. It may result in me putting off using this app for high quality work. I often work with multi-million polygon meshes and I need to use displacement maps to be able to work on complex scenes. This is something I can’t do without.

  • I need to be able to cache simulations. Being able to save a simulation is a MUST for me, since I need to art direct scenes, and leaving it up to chance is not an option

Thank you all for your work!

Hi and thanks for the great feedback. Yes we are aware that displacement is not part of the RTX pipeline, yet. It is being discussed.

Simulations should run completely in real-time and therefore require no need for caching. That is the power of RTX. Everything is real-time.