Display driver bundled with NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit causes BSOD on Windows 11

Hi there!. I’m using a Dell Inspiron 3501 running Windows 11 (22H2) (an Optimus enabled machine with a MX330 card). I’m new to GPU programming and wanted to install the NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit, to start learning. However, the display driver bundled with CUDA Toolkit versions (12.2 and 12.1) caused BSODs on my machine. I reckon that this happened because the vanilla driver bundled with the CUDA Toolkit overwrote the OEM Display driver provided by Dell Update. (The Dell provided version of NVIDIA Display driver is currently at version 528.79). But CUDA Toolkits above the version 12.0.0 bundle Display drivers above the version number 528.79.

These BSODs occur quite infrequently, but once they start, they continue to occur even after restarts and futile attempts with sfc /scannow.

So, after deciding the Display driver was the culprit, I installed a CUDA Toolkit that bundled a Display driver that was released before the OEM display driver that I have installed. (This is CUDA Toolkit 12.0.1 which bundles Display driver 528.33). This is the most recent release that packs a display driver that has a lower version number than the OEM display driver. And thankfully my OEM driver wasn’t overwritten when installing the CUDA Toolkit 12.0.1 (The installer said something along the lines of “Same or a newer version is already installed”) and I have never had any BSODs. Is there a way to use the latest release of this toolkit? Could you guys fix the drivers that are bundled with the toolkit?