Display freeze at monitor turn on for a few seconds with NVIDIA 440.59

I have a strange problem with NVIDIA 440.59. When I turn on my monitor while the OS is started, the display is frozen for a while, and I can’t move my mouse. Then, after a few seconds it turns itself off and after a second or two it’s turned on again and I can move my mouse and everything is alright. I’m using Arch Linux with KDE Plasma but I tried different DE’s like MATE and Xfce without any difference in this behaviour.

I tried installing 440.48.02 avilable in AUR and the problem disappeared. I can’t try 440.59 on my backup OS ubuntu 18.04 for this version isn’t available in the PPA.

Here’s my nvidia-bug-report.log:


I can take a video if you need.

NVIDIA 440.59 came to Ubuntu 18.04 PPA but there’s no problem with it. Should I file an issue on Arch bug tracker?

Is there anybody alive on this bugtracker???

It occurs this is a problem emerged from kernel version and NVIDIA driver version combination. Now I switched to 5.4.22-1-lts and the problem disappeared. If I install the latest kernel 5.5, the problem appears again.

Is it any better with 5.6.4?
I noticed the same thing when monitor enters standby, when changing videomode and when switching composition pipeline at runtime too.

Yes, with 5.6 the problem is solved.