display resolution crashed when hyperion launcher starts


I’m testing DRIVE AGX Xavier Development Kit and Drive SW 8.0.
To run DriveAV VIZ with launcher, on launching, display resolution is crashed.
Crashed means resolution changed to approx. 800x600 ?
And impossible to handle any more.

By manual mode, I could run it at roadcast log mode without this issue.


Dear ddpx2,

Thank you for your registration this topic.
I could repro this symptom, will check this issue.
BTW, The Hyperion Launcher is for DRIVE Hyperion Developer Kit. Please refer to the following link.
So please use Drive SWs in manual mode. Thanks.

DRIVE Hyperion Developer Kit for configuring vehicles with the DRIVE AGX Pegasus Developer Kit and a pre-configured set of sensors and accessories for a target vehicle architecture. Platform software updates are provided over-the-air.

Thanks SteveNV,