DRIVE Hub does not launch after upgrading to NVIDIA DRIVE Software 10.0

I installed the latest DRIVE Software 10.0 succesfully and flashed to the DRIVE AGX. However cannot launch the DRIVEHub.

Dear vlauri,
Could you tell which platform you are using?


Hi vlauri,

DRIVE Hub also requires DRIVE Hyperion Developer Kit. Do you have it installed? Thanks!

Yes HYPERION-7.1 is part of the NVIDIA DRIVER Software 10.0, when installed via the SDK Manager

Did you mean DRIVE Hub was working on your setup with DRIVE Software 9.0 before? Could you provide the log files from Xavier B by below command? Thanks!

$ scp nvidia@*drivehub.log .

I posted the logs here.

I should have mentioned that this is a new AGX setup fresh from the box.

Could you make sure Xaver B with a HDMI monitor connected and then try again? Thanks!

Dear Vick, the DRIVE Hub is stuck at “Initializing” on Xavier B monitor.

Are you trying to launch DRIVE Hub on your car? Does your car have DRIVE Hyperion Developer kit installed (as )?

No it’s a table top minimal setup and does not have the Hyperion full kit. Only RTC module and the Sekonix camera are plugged per DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Hardware Quick Start Guide.

According to below statement from, DRIVE Hyperion Developer kit is necessary. That’s why the initialization cannot complete.