DLAA in any DLSS app?

One thing that would be great is if any game that has DLSS support also automatically supported DLAA.
I’m very impressed with DLAA after trying it out in UE4, the issue is that since it’s UE4 it’s not really usable due to performance.
What if there was a way to skip developers having to seperately implement DLAA and just auto-enable it if the dev implemented DLSS?
So many games could benefit from this tech, namely games with less sophisticated graphics.

Hi there @matthew.w.swartz and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Thank you for the positive feedback on DLSS and DLAA, I hope you are able to make good use of it in your projects.

Regarding “automatic” inclusion of DLAA in any DLSS implementation, that is something NVIDIA simply cannot force onto the developer. If anything they need to decide if it fits their artistic style and needs, and if they want to take the possible additional perf hit.

I wonder if there are more opinions regarding this here in the forums?

That said, we constantly work on improving our SDKs and who knows what the future holds, a closer integration of those two technologies might be part of it.

Thank you again for your input!