Dlss comparison video

hello i am ozan from og games entertainment we have a big game we are working on right now and we are using nvidia technologies in this game we are planning to hold a showcase for our game in december and we would like to put a dlss comparison video in this showcase also we will place your logo on the showcase as we use your technologies dlss comparison Is there anything we should know about the video and would you mind if we use your logo, thank you

Hello @oggamesofficials and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I am no legal expert, so the following is not official advice.

With respect to using NVIDIA technology there is no problem in doing so as long as it is freely available tech for example as part of Unreal Engine or as an SDK you can access through our developer portal.

If you make use of DLSS and want to showcase the advantages of it, you can do so as long as you are not making incorrect claims.

In that light, after looking at your web page, I would suggest to you to be more cautious in your pictures and wording. “Many thanks to all the companies that provide their technologies to us” is only correct if your are working directly with representatives of those companies. Is that the case? “Providing” implies direct support, but my guess would be that NVIDIA does not directly support your game studio at this time.

You can list which technologies you are using of course, but claiming support of those companies might backfire.

Similarly the game Logos which depict UE, Epic and PS5. Usually this implies that you already have contracts with Epic and Sony to use their distribution platforms.

You might want to look into how to publish your game on one of the platforms that have Indie studio support like Steam Direct. And NVIDIA also as a program to showcase exceptional games by independent developers.

I hope that helps!

we already filled this form but we didn’t get any feedback. we are really want to work with Nvidia. how can we contact you? is there any e-mail address for this.We are eagerly waiting for your reply. thanks for suggestions by the way.

Hi again,

You can imagine with the huge number of independent game developers out there that there are always a lot of applications to our programs. That means it can take a while until you get feedback from NVIDIA and only a very small selection of the best content do in the end get someone from NVIDIA to directly work with them.

On the logo topic I wanted to add that I asked around and you should NOT use any official company logos on any publication before you have cleared that with the companies in question. I understand that can be difficult, but for example in case of a DLSS comparison video you can also DM me when your game and the video are done and I will try to get someone to review it. But I cannot promise anything, as I said, the teams are usually extremely busy.