Do I have to run to see Ubuntu X-Window?

in this youtube video link, I can see X-window without running at first.

but, My TK1 board don’t display X-window GUI now.

in this link, they can run X-window after run

how can see X-window before run…?

is it different with release date of the product??

Without I suppose it is possible for X to run using Nouveau video driver…especially in console mode. Otherwise it is very doubtful graphics would work. The script adds the accelerated hardware access files…including video driver. Consider that many people want to use the GPU acceleration…this requires those files, it is part of the GPU/video driver (CUDA and desktop video both use GPU…framebuffers can display video without direct hardware access, GPU computation in general cannot).

This command will tell you if the files are in place which are required for correct hardware function:

sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release