docker pull from ngc on jetson board

is it possible to log into ngc on jetson board and pull docker images from ngc onto jetson board ? It seems ngc cli has only x86 version rather than arm version which is used by jetson.

After downloading ngc cli of linux version on jetson board and run ngc cmd, it will say:
“-bash: ./ngc: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error”

Did you ever find a fix for this issue? I am running into the same thing though I have seen an article that says ARM is now supported by ngc.

To be able to pull docker images from NGC I had success doing the following:

You first need to create an account on NGC and login to your account in a web browser (on any computer, including a Jetson).
Go to Setup > Api Key
and use the ‘Generate API Key’ button to generate the API key, which will show on the page after you have clicked the button.

Then open a terminal on the Jetson and login like this:
docker login

Username: $oauthtoken

Now you can execute normal docker pull commands.

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