Does IGX Orin Developer Kit Support Multiple Discrete GPUs

The specs state that the IGX Orin Developer Kit has two x16 PCIe slots, however, all official images show three PCIe slots (green arrows) and one slightly different connector (blue arrow). Could someone from NVIDIA please clarify?

Also, are multiple discrete GPUs supported?


This picture is out of date… IGX has 2xPCIe5.0 slots - both are x16 physical. 1 is x16 electrical and the other is x8 electrical. NVIDIA currently only supports a single A6000 dGPU in the IGX platform.


Thanks, Rich. Is there an up-to-date schematic/illustration of the PCB layout that you could share? Is multi-GPU support on the roadmap?

Current board layout attached. The board has been made smaller than the image you had shared. You would be bandwidth constrained using a second dGPU in the x8 slot - it would be sub optimal from a performance perspective.

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