Does Jetson Nano nvjpeg decoder use CUDA cores for decoding the image?

I am decoding 4k MJPEG video using nvjpeg and having read the documention here:

I am unable to tell what hardware the decoder uses. Does nvjpeg use CUDA cores for decoding on Jetson Nano?

I need to know because if it does use CUDA cores, it means I cannot run my CUDA algorithm simultaneously to the JPEG decoding.

As a side note, I used the L4T demo app “12_camera_v4l2_cuda” as the basis for my algorithm,

Many thanks for your help.

It is an individual hardware engine. Please refer to Figure 1 in technical reference manual

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Thanks, there is absolutely no way I would have known that without you helping me, not least because I was searching for NVJPEG, not NVJPG!!!

This will save me another 17ms per frame. :-D

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