Does Jetson TX2 support hot swap sata?

I have tried unplug the sata disk when the system boot, and replug it in, but the system will not recognize the disk again, so, it means the TX2’s SATA controller does not supprt hot-swap ? thanks

Some of the releases did not have CONFIG_SWAP enabled by default. To check your running system:

<s>gunzip < /proc/config.gz | grep CONFIG_SWAP</s>

If “=y” it is integrated in the kernel, if “=m” it is a module, if “=n” it wasn’t configured and needs to be built. I think swap must be integrated, I do not believe module format works for this, but if you start with config.gz and set CONFIG_LOCALVERSION to “-tegra” you will be able to just build the kernel and copy it to “/boot” and it should work (assumes you edit to “=y” for this feature).

thanks a lot , linuxdev, I have checked the CONFIG_SWAP option, it is “CONFIG_SWAP=y”, I think the silicon hardware design of the TX2 chip does not support hot-swap, or the driver is not full implemented to support it.

I think I originally interpreted your question wrong and missed the “hot”. CONFIG_SWAP is for swap space and has nothing to do with adding/removing a live disk.

When you have a hot swappable bay connected to the SATA port you have “warm” swap. To achieve “hot” swap you must add software to it. Without a hot swap bay it would be dangerous to pop a SATA connector on/off on a powered system. To become fully hot swappable software must also be used.

There are a number of useful google links from this:…0j0i22i30k1.517.8405.0.8585.…0…1.1.64.psy-ab…1.30.2478…0i131k1j0i10k1.GE6paN-SPME

Whether or not the SATA port can detect presence or absence of a drive for a hot swappable carrier I don’t know…I do not have such a bay to test with.