Does PGI compiler support OpenCV?

Dear Sir,
Does PGI compiler support OpenCV? I want to use a OpenCV’s libary as well as using PGI to compile the code, I don’t know how to do this,Please kindly suggest me

thank a lot

Hi Teslalady, supports OpenCV, not PGI. Maybe you are you asking if PGI can compile OpenCV or if PGI compilers can use OpenCV libraries?

I just tried compiling OpenCV using PGI on Linux. Unfortunately, it seems to only be configured to build with GNU, but this may be pilot error on my part. I would suggest posting this question to OpenCV.

Though, after building the OpenCV libraries, I was able to build a few of the example codes using pgc++. Pgc++ is object compatible with g++ so can link with g++ compiled objects and libraries.

  • Mat

I’m looking forward your exmaples!

To clarify, I compiled a few of the examples that are included with OpenCV. I did not create any examples myself.

  • Mat