Does pipeline support dynamic modification of property values?

  • deepstream-app version 6.1.0
  • DeepStreamSDK 6.1.0
  • CUDA Driver Version: 11.4
  • CUDA Runtime Version: 11.6
  • TensorRT Version: 8.2
  • cuDNN Version: 8.4
  • libNVWarp360 Version: 2.0.1d3

I modified the code according to deepstream-test3, and then created my own pipeline, but some of the plug-in properties I want to dynamically modify, for example, when clicking on one of the multi-channel video, I want to fill the video of this channel to display, does pipellie support dynamic modification of property values?

Please use “gst-inspect-1.0” tool to check the plugin properties status. If there is the description as “flags: readable, writable, changeable only in NULL or READY state”, the property does not support dynamic change during “PLAYING” state.

The flags of show-source in nvmultistreamtiler are readable, writable. So can I refer to the code of deepstream-app and create threads at startup and modify this property value periodically?
Like it!

 * Thread to monitor X window events.
static gpointer
nvds_x_event_thread (gpointer data)
g_object_get (G_OBJECT (tiler), "show-source", &source_id, NULL);

          if (ev.button == Button1 && source_id == -1) {
            source_id =
                get_source_id_from_coordinates (ev.x * 1.0 / win_attr.width,
                ev.y * 1.0 / win_attr.height, appCtx[index]);
            if (source_id > -1) {
              g_object_set (G_OBJECT (tiler), "show-source", source_id, NULL);
              appCtx[index]->active_source_index = source_id;
              appCtx[index]->show_bbox_text = TRUE;
          } else if (ev.button == Button3) {
            g_object_set (G_OBJECT (tiler), "show-source", -1, NULL);
            appCtx[index]->active_source_index = -1;
            if (!show_bbox_text)
              appCtx[index]->show_bbox_text = FALSE;

Yes, as the sample code, you can do the similar operation.

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