Does Raytracer engine has a built-in Mail-boxing technique implemented?


I was wondering if the raytracer engine has a builtin Mail-boxing technique implemented? If not, is there a way that I an incorporate it in the intersect program oi Ray tracing pipeline?


OptiX is a general-purpose ray-casting SDK, not a renderer.
It is using a single ray programming model in the user-facing API, which includes all domain programs you need to provide to implement any ray tracing mechanism you like.
The scheduling of these rays happens internally and there is no mechanism to access neighbouring ray information or combine them into packets and test against BVH leaves as group in a single launch, if you mean that with mail-boxing.

That said, on Turing RTX boards the BVH traversal and ray-triangle intersection testing is that fast, that renderers get shading-limited already. The best ray tracing performance on those can be achieved when staying on the RT cores as long as possible. Reducing memory accesses gets important here.

Check out this presentation for more OptiX 6 tips and tricks on maximum performance:

Also follow the NVIDIA announcements on SIGGRAPH next week.