Does the NIC on Jetson AGX Orin Dev kit support GPUDirect RDMA? Is yes, how to use it?

Hello, I’m trying to use the Orin Dev kit for DNN video encoding/decoding and transmission tests. The program is separated into a client and a server.

  • The server reads images from a USB camera, loads it onto GPU, uses a DNN encoder to create two tensors(~200kB), and finally sends them through NIC.
  • The client side will receive them and run a decoding process.

I found the copy process from GPU ram to user space VA is very slow (~20ms), and the tensor will be copied again into socket buffer. Then I found the GPUDirect RDMA doc, and wondered if it can help.

And I want to know whether the NIC on AGX Orin support RDMA, and how can I use it.

  • Hardware: Jetson AGX Orin Dev kit
  • Jetson Pack Version: 5.0.2
  • Linux Distro: Ubuntu 20.04

It is not supported on Orin currently. Please refer to the related topic:
RDMA - PCIe module can not be inserted into kernel

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