AGX Orin: GPUDirect RDMA on Jetpack 5.1.x


I’m interested in using GPUDirect RDMA on my Jetson AGX Orin Dev kit. We want to use this for high-speed photo processing with minimal CPU resource overhead, eventually on an AGX Orin Industrial SoM.

I’ve seen several posts (as recently as this year) like this one where the official response was that “Currently GPU Direct RDMA is not supported on Jetpack 5 releases. We are working on it”.

I did see the workaround, but am wondering if there’s official support for this feature now?

Also, a longshot, but is it possible to virtualize the RDMA as Ethernet-over-PCIe?

Thank you in advance!


The issue (symbol conflict) is fixed in the r35.4.1/JetPack 5.1.2.
So you don’t need the WAR in topic 256918 anymore.


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