Looking for information regarding how to configure RDMS between AJA HDMI to Jetson AGX Orin


I am looking for examples, or documentation, that describes how to make use of RDMA (GPU Direct) for the transfer of video frames captured on a AJA HDMI board and the iGPU on a Jetson. My Jetson is configured with Jetpack 5.1.2 and I have confirmed that RDMA is working throught he use of the testrdma command. However, I have been looking for either example code or documentation that describes how I actually configure an application allowing it to set up for RDMA and through CUDA access the copied data. Any example code, or links to documentation would be greatly appreciated!

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I just wanted to answer my own question, I found a document titled “GPUDirect for Video” under the AJA SDK documentation folder.

Hopefully this helps others who may be looking for it!


Thought I would also share where someone can find an example GPUDirect demo program. A couple of demo programs can be found in the AJA SDK under the demoapps/NVIDIA directory.



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