Does the Video Codec SDK support XAVC Class 300 & Class 480 / AVC-Ultra UHD/4K?

Hi there,

we were wondering if the Video Codec SDK supports the XAVC Class 300 & Class 480 / AVC-Ultra profiles in UHD/4K? The goal is to encode baseband 12G SDI streams into these profiles and in best case up to four streams in 2160p60 with the help of the GPU powered with the Video Codec SDK.

Any help and information would be much appreciated.


Hello @cschabasser and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

If I understand correctly then XAVC is an extension of H.264, correct? Then I am not sure we support these special formats in Hardware. Yo can check our GPU support matrix to see if those codecs might cover what you are looking for.

The Video Codec SDK aims to utilize our Hardware capabilities, so if XAVC profiles are not part of them, I think they will not be supported. I sent out a query internally, maybe I can get some more detail on it.

Did you check the Video SDK documentation yet?


Hi, yes I already checked the supported codecs within the matrix, but it seems that there is no support for XAVC as of now, so I tried it here.