HW encoder specs

I investigate HW encoder specs in Xavier series(AGX, NX).
I found codec profie in “NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX System-on-Module data sheet”.
I would like to know more about level, input format.
Do you have any documents with HW encoder ?

Please take a look at

Thanks DanLLL.
The page you introduced didn’t mention the profile level. Is there a description somewhere?

Please check below:
YUV420(I420, NV12): Baseline, Main, High profiles
3840x2160p60: Level 5.2
Advanced Video Coding - Wikipedia

YUV420(I420, NV12): Main profile
YUV420 10 bit(I420_10LE): Main10 profile
3840x2160p60: Level 5.1
High Efficiency Video Coding - Wikipedia