Does Tk1 support interlaced display?

I am programming with gstreamer in tk1 board. We use tk1 to implement transparent transmission of video stream. It is a bit like [gst-launch-0.10 v4l2src device="/dev/video0" ! “video/x-raw-yuv, format=(fourcc)YUY2” ! nvvidconv ! “video/x-nv-yuv, format=(fourcc)I420” ! nv_omx_hdmi_videosink].

It works with progressive video. But it does’t work with interlaced video.

I have not see any valuable information for interlaced display in tk1.
So can anybody give me a help?

Thanks very much!

Hi PeterHou,

TK1 supports interlaced display. You can have references to the technical reference manual

@WayneWWW, Will you please tell how to enable interlaced dispaly with the plugin of nv_omx_hdmi_videosink in gstreamer-0.10?
It would be better if you could give an example.


Hi PeterHou,

Unfortunately, although our hw supports interlace display, it seems no sw support. I am still confirming this issue.

Thanks, @WayneWWW!

But is it in a plan to support interlaced display in tk1? Or, maybe we need to move to a new platform…

Hi Peter,

I am sorry to tell you that I have confirmed we don’t have such plans.