tegra_camera interlaced capture

Does anyone know how to properly support interlace video capture over v4l2 on the X1?

I have a 1080i60 source and currently have it successfully coming in as 1920x540 progressive via mods to my v4l2 driver based on soc_camera & tegra_camera (similar to ov5693_v4l2).

I am then encoding this source and streaming (v4l2src–>nvvidconv–>omxenc–>mpegtsmux–>udpsink). I do not know the typical way this is done or how video is flagged as interlace when streaming. I assume it is flagged at the v4l2 source level but the encoder still encodes video as fields and it is streamed as fields. Then on the receiving end the video is decoded. But i do not see support anywhere for interlace at any level of the pipeline.

I also see in the tegra_camera/common.c file the following:

/* TODO: support interlaced at least in pass-through mode */
		dev_err(icd->parent, "Field type %d unsupported.\n",

Is this something that will be added and/or are there work around to stream interlace.


Interlaced mode is not currently supported in our software stack.

Is it planned to be added in the future? Are there any alternatives?