Interlaced Encoding Mode on Tegra X1

Does H264 and HEVC encoders on Tegra X1 supports interlaced mode of encoding?

For our application we need to support 1080i60 and 480i60 encoding. But I could not find any mode to indicated interlace encoding.

From the post in the below link:

it looks like interlace encoding is not supported. I need some more clarifications. Please let me know if there is way to get interlaced encoding.

I can’t answer the specific question, but so far as hardware assisted encoding goes I think the TX1 supports H265…if you are really using H264 your encoding would be purely software.

X1 supports 264 and 265 in hardware.

I never got an answer back on interlaced encoding after my initial thread request which durgeshmn has posted above. I am still curious in an answer.

Hi x1tester62,
X1 HW encoder does not support interlace mode. In your case, making it into two 1920x540 fields is the only solution.

Hi DaneLLL,

Thanks for your response. But my usecase is specific to interlace encoding and I want to know if there is any way to achieve it on Tegra X1

  1. Does H.264 Hardware Encoder on Tegra X1 supports interlaced mode of encoding? If no, is there any software H.264 encoder available on Tegra to achieve H.264 interlaced encoding?
  2. If HW or SW H.264 encoders are supported then please provide the documents or links for the same. We need 4 channels of 1080i60 H.264 encoding.
  3. By encoding 1080i as 2 separate 1920x540 progressive frames, how can we maintain inter operability?

I was referring to “Tegra_X1_TRM_DP07225001_v1.0p.pdf” at page #2288, it says CSI unit supports both progressive and interlace capture. The interlaced capture is targeted towards automotive applications. So i thought most likely interlaced encoding might also be supported.

Hi durgeshmn,
H.264 Hardware Encoder on Tegra X1 does not supports interlaced mode of encoding. For gstreamer, there is a plugin x264enc in gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly, but we do not know much about using it.

Please other users share experience. Thanks.