Does Xavier SoC have a realtime core?

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I can see that Xavier SoC has 8 Carmel Armv8 cores, but I am not sure if they are all APU or RPU?

I am wondering if such SoC can be used in automotive applications which needs a realtime core for Safety compliance.

Any information, white papers, or links would be really appreciated.

The visible cores are all Cortex-A series, which are far from realtime. You won’t be able to see it (normally), but the Audio Processing Engine (APE) and Sensor Processing Engine (SPE) are Cortex-R series (Cortex-R5). The Cortex-R5 is rather low power.

There are cases where the Cortex-M can be used for hard realtime, but it is limited. For a case as critical as something like an autonomous vehicle you would need a separate Cortex-R series board which is communicating with the Jetson. Do keep in mind though that actual automobile hardware is a different product line. See the “Drive” series for something more suitable for vehicles:

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The Cortex-R5 Sensor Processing Engine (SPE) that @linuxdev mentioned is programmable and you can find resources for it here:

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I was looking for more information about Xavier SoC itself not Jetson as I found it is qualified for automotive applications already:

The problem is that I cannot find much material about the SoC detailed specifications.

@dusty_nv That looks interesting, do you know if there is any doc that illustrate the detailed specification for Xavier SoC?

Hi @azein90, I would refer you to the module datasheet and the SoC technical reference manual:

That’s exactly what I was looking for, Thanks a lot @dusty_nv !

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