Dogotal Sound Processing with CUDA cores


I think many people know what is this DSP, TDM systems like as Avid Digidesign HD Accel cards for sound processing realtime recording or live wich use digital software sound effects/ I think that dsp/tdm systems work with not with single proccesors, that work with little low frequency cores on they card. I think realtime sound processing using CUDA cores, its possible, but link hardware sound tools and midi keyboard and controllers without CPU not possible. I ask qiestion for CUDA developers maybe you can?, add the supporting TDM DAW and TDM Plugins with cuda cores, or, actually it is very important, add suporrting sound processing with CUDA cores without latency?
If it works and if it will work correctly that function increase the number of sales.

If you use the following search terms with your favorite internet search engine, you should be able to locate any number of worked examples for audio processing with the GPU: digitial audio processing CUDA

The first link I got was to this slide presentation from NVIDIA’s 2009 GPU technology conference:

[url]Page Not Found | NVIDIA

My professional exposure to real-time systems has been limited, but based on my limited knowledge I would think that GPU-accelerated processing could be suitable for some soft real-time applications but not hard real-time applications. From your description it is unclear what your real-time requirements are. Generally speaking, GPUs are designed as high-throughput platforms, not low-latency platforms, so depending on how tight the latency constraints are, GPU acceleration may or may not be applicable to a particular use case.

I also think GPU-accelerated processing can not work with Hardware tools like midi keyboard, controllers, hardware compressors and more, audio processing acceleration enough for us, if will work correctly without restarting driver.

Sorry but it is Digital Signal Processing, since the math and physics behind it is not only limited to audible frequency spectrum. Researching Digital Signal Processing on CUDA may yield much wider search results.