DOL-HDR combination issue IMX678

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I am using an IMX678 on a Jetson AGX and I am experiencing issues with the DOL2-HDR mode. The image combination is correct when there is no movement. However, when an object moves from a dark area, where the long exposure frame is dominant, to a bright area, where the short exposure frame is dominant, an artifact appears. Specifically, the “overexposed” area appears pink in this situation. This phenomenon suggests that the image combination calculation was done on the previous frame.

In the attached images, you can see that when I pass my arm in front of the window, the shape of the window can be discerned with a lot of noise. However, in the next frame, the pink shape disappears.

I would like to know if there is a way to correct this issue.

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hello alexis.kedzia,

actually, this is limitation of long/short exposure frame fusion approach.
as you can see in Sony’s website, Technical Features.
re-cap as below…

However, this method involves a slight time lapse between the two shots and this can cause some artifacts, such as a blurred outline and chromatic aberration, if the target is in fast motion.

that motion artifacts (i.e. overexposed region) is caused by exposing second frame at different time.
as you can see in the webpage, Sony is suggesting to use “Clear HDR” to prevent artifacts which makes two exposure at the same time rather than sequential according to the literature.