Problem with HDR-DOL non-fusion on NVIDIA Jetson Linux r36.2

Hello everyone,

I tried to verify the HDR-DOL effect on version r36.2 and found that the images did not fuse short frames. Is this problem the cause of version r36.2?

In addition, we would like to take a look at the HDR fusion algorithm and do some debugging. Where can I get this code?

No matter how we adjust the short frame, the image will not change, and the over-exposure part will be pink.

hello William_chen,

thanks for sharing, you may also refer to Release Notes (r36.2), there’ll be fixes for DOL for the next public release version.

Where can I get the API for the DOL algorithm? Because we have always had problems with DOL mode.

hello William_chen,

may I know who’s your camera vendor?
is this ever tested on previous Jetpack release verison?


We use SONY IMX662.
On R35.4, there is a fusion effect on the highlight part of the picture, but the effect is not good.
On R36.2, there is only a long frame, and there is no fusion.

Below is the result for R35.4:

I see,
could you please submit another discussion thread for tracking rel-35 issues.

I have raised this issue before, but since there is too little information in the DOL section, there is no debugging documentation and manual, so we are pinning our hopes on r36.2 to solve this problem.
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