Dose only Server/Workstation support K40m?

I just got a K40m, but I don’t know which kind of machine support it, I tried to install it in several common PC with Ubuntu 14.4 as OS, but when I install driver, it always failed.

Do I need a server or a workstation to install K40m? which kind of server or workstation should I use?

Thanks very much

Officially, a K40m should only be installed in a qualified server from an OEM that sells K40m devices in their servers. K40m requires server-managed cooling and has specific power requirements as well. A K40m has no fan to keep itself cool. A K40c, on the other hand, does have a fan to keep itself cool, and can be installed in a wider variety of platforms.

Thanks very much, txbob.

Hi txbob,
I’m sorry to trouble you again. the trouble is even we have a Xpander which is a PCI-E extension box with independent power supply and cooling fans. we still can not start the server with K40m. Does only specify hardware support K40m, I mean I can not install K40 on a common server/work station/PC. is that right?

K40m has a variety of requirements which qualified systems will provide. Some of these are cooling and power related, some are related to PC BIOS modifications to allow the K40 to be mapped into PCI space, and there are other requirements as well.

K40m is only designed to work in specific OEM-qualified systems. It may not work properly in other systems.


Thanks Txbob, that’s very helpful.