Downloading PGI problem!


I am trying to download the latest version of PGI server (7.1.6) to update lab cluster.
Have been using web system to download and always failed due to below average download speed (like 8 kb/s, and need almost 8 hours to download), then connection just broken and md5 checksum always wrong.
I’ve been trying for 5 times, and none of download can be completed!
Download speed even down to 0 kb/s with a long time.

Do you have alternative for downloading the latest PGI (like FTP) or resume broken downloads?

Already mail this problem to webmaster, but seems no response.


The problem has solved and it’s due to campus network got some trouble to foreign network.
I still hope the download option could be added with ftp or resuming broken point feature. :)

I received your mail to webmaster and replied to it on Monday. I never got a response from you. Specifically, you sent mail from an email address that didn’t correspond to any known webuser. I asked you for your webuser account so that I could track down your download and see what you were trying to do.

For a variety of reasons, PGI cannot use FTP for product delivery, even in times of when downloads are not working or are slow. Although the download process that PGI uses is fairly mature, like any web application it does have issues from time to time. We do our best to minimize these issues and fix problems as they arise.

The downloader does support pause-resume checkpointing. However, there background issues that you may not be aware of, specifically how does your browser cache files and when does the client-side cache expire? Caching of HTTP requests is an interesting problem with no specific rules to follow. In my opinion, client-side caching of downloaded files is generally a bad idea.

Regardless, I’m glad your organization was able to solve their network problems and that you were able to download the PGI files that you needed.

PGI Webmaster