DPU Bluefield-2 & Hiwire Shift AEC Cable to convert QSFP56 to QSFP28

we would like to connect in lab our server with a Bluefield-2 DPU Two port QSFP56 card ( Ref: MBF2H536C-CECOT P-Series ) to QFX5120-48T Juniper Switch with QSFP28 interface.
Can we use Hiwire’s Shift AEC active electrical Cables PAM4 to NRZ (Ref
Credo_HiWire_SHIFT_200G_4x56G_QSFP56_PAM4_to_Two_100G_4x28G_QSFP28_NRZ_06282021.pdf (319.2 KB)
f: CAC23X301Q2P-A0-HW ) for this purpose ( see the cable datasheet )

This cable allows to convert 200G (4x56G) QSFP56 PAM4 to Two 100G (4x28G) QSFP28 NRZ
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Hello pyxis

Regarding your question, could you please open a CASE?
That kind of question should be reviewed under CASE