DPX2 fails to Auto-Run of Drive-Setup scripts (Solved)


the DrivePX2 gives me some problems on updating the system to version
After booting the system the first time after updating it, some scripts are executed and the last message I get is in a red font: “first-boot script processing complete.” The next button is not clickable since its greyed out. The install documents are saying this process should take 10 minutes max but I’m waiting here for hours without changing anything.

I’ve used the corresponding DriveInstall to download and install the needed packages on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
Already updated Aurix to version 4.02.02 via Triload.bat which worked like a charm.
Do I have to update aurix prior to flashing the OS or does this not matter?

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

update: solved this problem by using ubuntu a native 14.04 LTS and on some other host pc

thread can be closed, obviously.